busy busy.

yep, things are still very busy here at wags by mags! but i’ve settled into my schedule now and am making a few adjustments which will i think result in one, possibly two, half-hour daily (or fewer times per week) walking slots opening up. but i am going to be picky about locations, as any new clients need to fit into my travel path. i am no longer servicing algiers point at this time for daily walks. most of my current daily walking clients are located along the uptown, garden district, downtown, mid-city axis. get in touch if you are interested and are in one of these areas.

also, a note to folks looking for dog-sitting services: the earlier you can book, the better. after doing this for a while i’m now trying to get smarter about how i book my pet-sitting gigs, only taking one dog-sit on at a time, so whoever gets to me first is who gets me. right now i have a booking for the 4th week of june and for 4th of july weekend, but i am otherwise open. (cats are a little easier to work into my schedule so i’m open to those anytime.)

thanks again to all my awesome human and canine/feline clients! i am a lucky girl!

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