i am hitting the pause button…

…for the next month or so. which is not to say that wags by mags! will be shut down/closed – more like on auto-pilot. the reason is because i will be having some much-needed surgery this coming wednesday and they tell me my recuperation time will be up to four weeks before i can work again.

so. my regular daily walking clients have all already been apprised and taken care of (i will have a substitute maintaining my daily schedule). but it does mean i will NOT be taking on any new walking or pet-sitting clients during this time, and will most likely NOT be able to cover any pet-sitting or one-off/last-minute walks from my regular clients either. i am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is a life-changing medical procedure that i desperately want/need, so it is worth taking a pause in the action for a little while. i hope you’ll bear with me.

i will update here and on my facebook page when i am back to work again. i thank everyone for the amazing support i’ve received in the first six months of this business, and i look forward to continuing and hopefully expanding business on the other side of this slight pause.

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