just wanted to update since my last post was about having openings in my daily walking schedule that i am now pretty much at full capacity in that department. i’ve picked up two new clients in the past few weeks who are 4-5 days/week, filling in some holes i had in my schedule. i still have a little wiggle room in the afternoon for occasional walks but not really for a daily commitment, at the moment.

i am of course still available if not already booked for pet-sitting gigs, overnights or otherwise. (i try hard to only schedule one dogsit gig at a time.) cats are almost always easy to fit into my schedule unless they are on a specific time plan. for dogsits, it will depend on the timing of the midday walks, mostly. but feel free to give me a try!

i am NOT available on fat tuesday (feb. 21) for any services. i am taking the day off – probably my first intentional day off since i started this biz (other than my medical leave). i intend to enjoy my favorite new orleans holiday to the fullest – and i hope you do too!

happy carnival everyone!

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