going on vacation!

it’s official: i’ve finally managed to talk to all my daily walking clients and we’ve got plans in place, so… i am going on vacation from july 29th – august 17th! my first actual vacation since i started the pet-sitting/dog-walking biz. and, wow, do i need it!

i know it’s not the best timing for a pet sitter to go on vacation, in august, when it seems much of the city of new orleans also goes on vacation and you’d think i’d be in high demand… but it’s turning out to be the perfect time, as so many of my daily clients have either gone on hiatus for the summer (teachers and other seasonal workers off of work and therefore home, not needing me for a few months) or are taking their pets along with them on their own vacations at the same time. so it has left me with only a few clients to cover and i’ve got that under control… so, yay!

it has been a huge stress trying to visualize how to make this happen and wanting so much for it to work out, so i am grateful to all my clients and to the universe for allowing it.

during this time, i will obviously not be available for occasional/pick-up walks or for any pet-sitting. if you are interested in pet-sitting for the end of august, please try to contact me before i leave on vacation so we can work out the details and i can get it on my calendar before i go, as i will be completely off the grid and out of communication while i am gone.

up until july 28th, however, my schedule is pretty wide open. i have some sits booked over the next 2 weeks, but not much after that. and my daily schedule is very sparse right now. so if anyone needs any one-off or occasional walks, please get in touch. chances are good i can fit you in.

hope everyone is staying cool out there – this heat is really intense! happy summer!

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