spring update

hasn’t this just been a lovely extended spring? i’ve been really enjoying the frequent cool temperatures and all the dogs have been super frisky! so far the stinging caterpillars haven’t even been that bad… though i know as soon as i say that, they will multiply. but so far, so good. hope everyone’s been getting out to enjoy the mostly delightful weather.

just an update to say that my daily walking schedule is pretty fully booked at the moment. most week days i have between 7 and 10 walks and that’s about all i want to have right now. i am however around and available during both jazzfest weekends (saturdays and sundays) for walks, as i’ve pretty much decided i can’t afford to go this year. (unless a free or severely reduced ticket shows up somehow.) i have a few bookings at the moment but can take more if anyone should need it. (it would be hard for me to squeeze in extra walks on the thursday and/or fridays, though, due to my daily schedule. but feel free to ask anyways, in case something changes.)

i do want to announce that i will NOT be taking any bookings for memorial day weekend. at all. i will actually be traveling out of town to attend some dear friends’ wedding, so will be completely unavailable from friday the 25th through monday the 28th (may). if you are in need, i can pass on the numbers of a few other sitters i know who might have openings.

ok, that’s all i got right now. just trying to get better about updating more regularly. also, check my wagsbymags facebook page or my instagram feed if you wanna see lots of cute pet pictures from my daily travels!

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