Summer 2021 update!

It’s been almost a year since I updated here; a lot has happened in a year. I am mostly fully recuperated from my brain surgery last fall, save for a few minor deficits. I have been back to work since January, though due to the pandemic I have a lot fewer clients – but that has suited me well during my recovery. Petsitting has boomed back these last few months since folks started getting vaccinated, for which I’m very appreciative. Petsitting has helped make up what I’ve lost in dog walking hours, and I’ve pretty much decided I like it this way. So I won’t be taking on any new dog walking clients any time soon.

As I write this on August 1st, I’m getting ready to take a much-needed 10 day vacation. I haven’t gotten out of town since December 2019 so it is very overdue. I’m fully vaccinated and have even gone back to masking whenever I’m around anyone else these past few weeks as the Delta variant has been surging here in New Orleans. I will be very careful on my vacation even though I’m vaccinated because I’m well aware of the prevalence of breakthrough infections and illness.

In terms of bookings, I’m am fully booked through the middle of September for overnight sitting, which I am doing less and less of these days. So please don’t assume if I’ve overnight sat for you in the past that I will automatically be able to do so in the future. I have some scattered bookings through the fall and am already booked for Thanksgiving week. Feel free to ask but don’t be surprised when I say no.

In terms of cat sitting or other petsitting which does not require me to stay overnight, it will be dependent on how busy I am and what your needs are. Happy to discuss and hopefully I can fit you in. (After August 16th.)

Hope everyone is staying cool out there! July has been a heat beast! Glad I’ll have 10 days off in August! See y’all on the flip side.

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