Fall update!

Hey y’all, this is just a quickie to hopefully save some of y’all some time… but I am already completely booked, in terms of overnight sitting, for the rest of 2021. I have cut back a lot on overnights because my health can’t handle it in the way I used to be able to, pre- brain surgery, and also, my senior cat Sticker has advancing renal failure and is requiring more of my time for care. At this point I have overnights booked for Thanksgiving and Christmas and a few in between and that is more than enough for me for the rest of the calendar year.

If you have needs which don’t require overnight stays, you can try me but I do have quite a few on the books already and it will really depend on your dates and location and needs. Longtime clients know to book me well in advance and have mostly done so already which is why I’m pretty full for the rest of the year. I thank everyone for their consideration.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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