summer is here!

with memorial day weekend comes the summer, which means lots of folks are traveling. i guess we are getting back to some semblance of “normal” despite the pandemic not being over. i welcome the return to busy-ness but hope everyone remains vigilant and careful out there.

petsitting wise, i am booked up through june with dogs but have a few openings for cat sits. after that my schedule is fairly open right now, so if you know you are traveling later in the summer, book now!

i am currently accepting new dog walking clients. i have have an opening in the morning hours (9am-noon) in the uptown area, and i have another opening in the afternoon (12-3pm) in the midcity/bayou st. john/fairgrounds area. i am specific like this because that is where i already am, so logistically it would make most sense to have new clients fit into that existing driving route. but if you are flexible, i could maybe make it work if you are outside these parameters – just contact me and we can discuss.

stay cool and don’t forget to hydrate, y’all!

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