It’s almost Mardi Gras!

We are just about to head into the busiest part of Carnival season, so Happy Mardi Gras y’all! As always, I do NOT work on Endymion Saturday (because I live a block off the route and it’s too hard to come and go) or on Mardi Gras day (because I like to partake in the festivities). Otherwise, you are welcome to try me but I’m not one to drop social plans for last minute requests, so it’s best to give as much advance notice as possible to increase the odds of me saying yes.

That being said, my daily dog walking schedule is pretty slow right now. One of my clients moved out of state a few weekends ago, so I have another opening on my calendar. Currently I have a 10 or 10:30am slot open as well as a 1pm slot – I could make the morning slot work in either the Uptown or Midcity areas (or anywhere in between) but the afternoon would have to be Midcity. If you are in need of service in another area or at another time, just check in with me – I might be able to move clients around to accommodate you.

My petsitting schedule is starting to fill up for March so if you have needs, get with me soon. I’m trying to take a quickie vacation myself over the April 1st weekend so won’t be available then.

Ok, see y’all in the streets!!

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