ah, spring!

i haven’t quite packed away the winter wear or blankets or turned off the pilot light on my floor furnace, just in case, but for the most part it seems spring is here. and we change the clocks back to daylight saving time this weekend!

my petsitting schedule has picked up considerably, which is great. but i STILL have openings on my weekday dog walking schedule. so if you are in need of dog walking services during the work week  – maybe you work long hours and feel bad about your pup(s) being stuck inside for so long, or even if you work at home but just can’t manage a break long enough to give them the exercise they need – hit me up! my 11:30-1:30 timeframe is booked but if you can make due with a little earlier or a little later, i can fit you in. uptown/riverbend/carrollton or midcity/bsj/fairgrounds preferred. lakeview possible, depending on timing. (not really able to service downtown – fq/marigny/bywater/9th ward – due to logistics.)

tell your friends! support your local independent pet care specialist who has been in business for 12 years!

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